Welcome to BestOnlineTrades dot com!

I started this site because I really enjoy trading and I also enjoy writing about trading.  Writing about trading or trading strategies helps transfer thoughts that would otherwise stay in 'theory' and helps move them to more concrete form for me. And hopefully along the way you will pick up something useful as well.

Trading is indeed a very tough business.  The risk is great but the reward is also great.  I would say that one of the definite chief aims of this site is to come up with the most probable and profitable trading setups and trading strategies over time so as to help keep losses minimized and gains maximized.  This is easily said but no so easily done.  Why? Because the market is a very dynamic beast, always changing and always throwing in unexpected curve balls in the equation.  

But,... there is zero doubt...

That some trading setups are better than others and there are important reasons for this.  One thing that will never change are the rules of price and volume analysis and the proper interpretation of price.  I have found in my looking at markets for 15 years that it really is price itself that is the best indicator of future movement and direction.  This may sound obvious, but I have found that the closer I analyze price itself, the better chance I have at tipping the scales in my favor.

So BestOnlineTrades will cover many different aspects of trading, from commodities to stocks, from indices to ETF's, I am sure all these will be discussed here.  

I am also interested in hearing what you want to see on this site.  If I had to guess, I suspect that most of you are interested in trading setups.  Sure I will probably do a lot of those, but also I will probably cover other aspects of trading.  Im sure it will be an ongoing creative process here at BestOnlineTrades.

Although I cannot promise I can reply to every email, I DO read all feedback.

So I hope your stay is enjoyable. Thanks for stopping by and good trading to you!