August 12th Slated to be In the News

According to Larry Pesavento the August 12, 2010 date is going to be ‘in the news’ because it contains the now much talked about cardinal climax aspects that are supposed to be extremely negative.

You can listen to his comments yourself right here (click arrow).


Note that he makes the comment that the date can invert which could mean that it would be a high instead of a low.  That is a very important disclaimer which probably most astro predictors should always mention.

I am a bit confused why Larry is talking about August 12, 2010 and Arch Crawford is talking about August 1, ‘give or take a week’.  So perhaps it is safe to say that the first half of August is just plain negative with August 12th maybe being the most likely key date.

The astro folks have set quite a high bar of expectation for August 2010.  From my understanding this combination of aspects is the most focused and involved for hundreds if not thousands of years.

The bottom line is sometimes they work out, and sometimes they do not.  Sometimes they may just lead to a relatively obscure type world event that has absolutely nothing to do with economics or the stock market.

The fact that these targeted dates are in early August leaves me very suspicious that anything very market moving can happen for the simple reason that volume is typically very weak during that time frame.  If there is any effect perhaps it will just be a one day shakeout type move.  Also the effect does not necessarily have to just affect the stock market.  It could effect certain commodities as well, such as natural gas or gold ?

Either way, it will be interesting to see what happens if anything.  If this astro aspect does work, I hope no one gets hurt during it.

This August 12th, 2010 is either going to be one of the greatest Astro prediction forecasts ever made or a total non event… We will know in about 3 weeks from now.

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