Back to BOT short Again 1140

The market continues to play head games with the news and continues to swing around in both directions.  We are still clinging onto support, but I have to go with the short side of the market now, especially if we close weak today.

The market keeps bouncing up and down and changes bullish scenarios to bearish ones within just a day’s trading.

But the predominant trend still appears down based on the monthly and weekly charts.  The daily is flip flopping all over the place.

The market seems to have a destiny of being down again.  Copper is still weak and the trend is clearly down… so the market is just chopping through the malaise.

I think this is it, we are about ready to plunge here quite soon. Early October does not look good at all.

The bears have taken a long time to get downward momentum again, but I think they are on the cusp now…

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