Back to BOT Short at 1302

Ok back to BOT Short at 1302.  The sp500 cannot hold 1313 and the tape is once again weak.  The bears have the tape for now.  I have to revert back to a previous post that referenced the monthly trend which does indeed look quite bearish.

This small head and shoulders bottom was a non event apparently.  The monthly and weekly tape are winning out.

It is starting to look like we are about to enter a phase were very sharp rallies are simply bear market rallies and attributed to ‘band aid’ type solutions to various worldwide debt implosion issues.

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3 comments on “Back to BOT Short at 1302
  1. Larry says:

    Said back on 7/7 we would retest 1280 area “soon”. We hit 1500 end of year beginning of next.

  2. JR says:

    Hold steady, this is a blip. Trend is up!
    Do not be sucked into churning or shorting, this is a trap!

  3. Larry says:

    ohh im not shorting..this is just a sma 200 restest…she will bounce like a rubber ball

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