BOT Long on sp500 at 1294

Might as well switch to the BOT long signal on the sp500 now even thought I am very late on the bounce from the large swing trading range.

There is a daily bullish triple P on the macd histogram although still unconfirmed.  Honestly I should wait for confirmation so I am being aggressive switching to the BOT long signal now.

This market may still have some legs in it to the upside and I cannot rule out that the market was diving into the Mid June 2011 8.6 year turn date.  Perhaps we are at a major low right now ?

I am staying open to all possibilities, but will take it a day at a time.  So for now BOT long at 1294.

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2 comments on “BOT Long on sp500 at 1294
  1. geoff says:

    thank you for your post. nice to know we are on opposite sides of market

  2. ed says:

    There is a Head and Shoulders on the Vector Vest Composite of over 8000 stocks. We will come back to kiss the neckline good bye and then down we go. This neckline correlates with 1300 area on the SPX

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