BOT Short From the Open

I am keeping the BOT Short Signal right from the Open of sp500 today.  Obviously it would have been better had I kept the signal intact of a few days ago instead of whipsawing myself several times over the last few days.  But I guess that is life, welcome to the market.  More details to follow later …

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3 comments on “BOT Short From the Open
  1. Geoff says:

    i am just holding my breath that market can mount even a few consecutive hard down days. it is impossible that market will not hit day #33, today, of positive days of 10 moving average of Advance / Decline. that is incredibly long string. problem is that once the string is broken, it can be broken by as little as only one negative day of 10 ma – and than revert back to a string of positive days. this indicator is not a good predictor, but we are now in very extreme territory. But if today is as negative an AD day as present (1:15pm) than tomorrow would have to another fairly negative day with declines outnumbering advances by about 1200 issues for the ma to finally barely eke out a one day ma negative.

  2. Austin says:

    Were do you think were going on the S&P Tom?

  3. Austin, my take is that we are going HARD DOWN in sp500, BUT the problem is the bulls may fight and resist a HARD DOWN momentum very strongly until the bitter end… so in other words it could mean another 5 days or slightly more of sideways before the real ‘meat’ of a down rally.

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