BOT Short Signal at 1316 on the sp500

I am going to try the BOT short signal here at 1315.20 on the sp500.  I don’t think the tape is going to hold up today.  I said I would wait until 3:55pm to 3:59pm yesterday, but we already broke down through important support lines I indicated yesterday.  I am going to be aggressive and issue the signal now.

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3 comments on “BOT Short Signal at 1316 on the sp500
  1. Geoff says:

    oh xxxx, market is going up now!

    your last 5 mnute indicator is only the tip of the iceberg of your “best” trade ideas that are not. you have no empirical evidence to support your assertion. trade you last 5 minutes idea for 60 days and report on the results. maybe you will be on your way to investing $1,000 and reaping $1,000,000.

    cardinal climax = m armstrong June 14th = last 5 minutes

  2. Geoff says:

    in my opinion, the mrkt has lots of opportunity to fall.

    -1 – – today only at 2pm, the Trin is very optimistic .70 for a mrkt down 100 pts. the 10 day MA of Trin /Arms is almost a dead neutral 1.04 (not even close to bearish at 1.20+)

    -2 – – the 10 Moving Average (MA) of Advance Decline is on a 13 day run of strong positive numbers.

    -3 – – investor sentiment indicators last wk were very bullish, a contrary indicator – – a lot was printed about the bull bear spread on Investor Intelligence

    -4 – – Bill Gross reportedly completely out of treasuries

    -5 – – Barron’s Feb 21, 11 – – for those who missed it, the man whom Barron’s described as the “King of Bonds”, Jeffrey Gundlach was quoted as saying “Though I rarely go public with specifics on stocks, I think the Standard & Poor 500 which is now over 1300, will hit 500 in the next couple of years.” he says. “I normally couch my belief by saying merely that 2011 will be a tough year for equities.”

    supporting the bulls is the significant break in oil, for the last 36 hours. supporting bears are fundamentals of miserable state of US Govt finances / mgmt

  3. Geoff says:

    as a bear, it gives me a LOT of PAUSE that the Volatility Index (VIX is barely poking its head above 17. i fear that while there is a lot of complacency, it could finally get a lot more complacent (meaning market goes up, up and away). Prior to the crash of 2008, the VIX was trading for months below 10 (around 8 to 9 if memory serves). as a bear, I hope this does not happen again, but they say, the darkest before the dawn, so maybe the bears have yet to endure even more bullish sentiment. it seems impossible, but that is what makes this market so treacherous.

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