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Finding a Long Legged Hammer Candlestick Trading Strategy Part One

I have been trying to come up with a valid long legged hammer candlestick reversal trading strategy.  So far I am still in the exploratory stages and have not been able to come up with a perfectly clear system on how to trade them.

I am mostly interested in the LONG LEGGED (also known as a long bottoming tail) variety of hammer reversal candlesticks

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Stock Scanner Results for August 7, 2009 AWBC and VOCL

awbc20090807 vocl20090807

Only a small handful of stocks came up on my new scan that I discovered.  I got 6 results from over 4500 NYSE and Nasdaq stocks. Unbelievable.  I continue to be extremely impressed with this scan because it is returning so few candidates out of so many thousands of stocks. 

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PACR Pacer International Setting up for a Breakout


BestOnlineTrades recently developed a powerful new computer scan that scans over four thousand five hundred different stocks (Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange).  It is a superb scan because out of that entire list of 4500 plus stocks it only returned 1/3 of 1% as viable candidates!

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