Don Coxe’s Take on the Gold Breakout


Here is a little fundamental discussion on the gold breakout from Don Coxe.  I listened to it this morning.

As you probably already know by now I don’t really get much into fundamentals, but sometimes it is good to hear a fundamental take to get a better feeling for how the whole big picture is piecing together.

He goes into deflation and inflation arguments and also talks about fed policy and how it all relates to gold.  It is a big long winded, but that’s what happens when people start talking about fundamentals! (in my opinion). But he also talks briefly about some of the technicals of the gold price. 

By the way, here area  bunch more audio interviews which I am sure are good.  I have not had a chance to listen to them yet but I will go ahead and provide a link anyway.  I am especially interested in hearing what David Morgan has to say about the precious metals this week.  Bob Prechter is also in the line up, so it should be interesting to hear what he has to say.

You know I try to avoid listening to too many other opinions, because I have found that it tends to confuse my own outlook and it also sometimes creates doubt where it didn’t exist previously.  But I do like to hear what others are saying sometimes, and find the technical analysis interviews that are precise and specific to be the most helpful.

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