Free Real Time Futures Chart Gold Silver SPX500 and More

A buddy of mine sent me this link a while back which has real time free futures charts.  This is a great way to keep track of the SPX500 futures on Sunday night or in the early morning before the regular market open.

I think a lot of people rely on CNBC or other major TV networks to watch the SPX500 futures but they never really get the whole picture if you just look at a simple quote.  Simple flash quotes are good for updates when you are on the road, but for depth and clarity go for the real time futures charts.

The app has free real time futures charts of the following:

  1. DJ 30 Futures
  2. US SPX 500 Futures
  3. NQ 100 Futures
  4. Germany 30 Futures
  5. UK 100 Futures
  6. France 40 Futures
  7. EU Stocks 50
  8. Canada 60
  9. Japan 225
  10. Hong Kong 40
  11. Korea 200
  12. India 50
  13. Australia 200
  14. US Dollar Index Futures
  15. US SPX VIX
  16. Gold Futures
  17. Crude Oil Futures
  18. Natural Gas Futures
  19. US 10 YR T-Note Futures

I usually look at the SPX 500 Futures and the Gold Futures chart and occasionally some of the international indices.

Here is the link to the app.

It is a very nice app and great for clarity when you need it pre market or after market.  I also like that fact it also has a 5 hour time frame for getting good signals on a half day basis.


The only downside to this real time futures app is that it can get you into the habit of watching the market more than you need to.  But for those times where you need to stay ahead of the trend it is superb.


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