Massive Short Signal Alert

liberty_bell_1 This is only a short term post and I realize there are only 15 minutes until the close of market today but everything I am seeing right now as we go into the close is confirming to me that today’s intra day high is the final top for this market, possibly for several months.

I have to do some more analysis when the dust settles but this is looking like the real deal now.

I went long TZA  at 11.60 and plan to sit tight and be right for a bit on that one.  Also went long some call options on the TZA as well. 

This is a very negative reversal and it appears that the very negative astro aspect that was in place on Sunday October the 18th is valid and the market is succumbing to those forces.

There are still 2 trading days left in this week, but I am going to be surprised if we do not issue a 2B sell signal by the end of this week.

More updates to follow on this but I wanted to ‘get the word out’ based on what I consider to be very important closing action right now.

If we somehow magically rally to close positive today then ignore this post, but so far it looks like we have a done deal here as far as the broad market is concerned!

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