Preview to the Marty Armstrong Cycle Post

Next week sometime I am going to write a post on the Marty Armstrong cycle turning points.  It will be more of a long term oriented posting, but I am going to try to include an extended version of his global business cycle model and create one in graphical form so that it will be extended out another 50 years from now.

Now if you are asking yourself right now, who the heck is Marty Armstrong and what is this cycle about.  Well let me just say that I am not the creator of this 8.6 year cycle model.  It was created and founded by a man named Marty Armstrong and his now closed down organization Princeton Economics International.  His firm has been shut down for several years now by the government and I am not going to go into details of why and how and what.

My purpose is just to bring to light this cycle model here as a reference point.  I am not an expert on the cycle model and also not privy to the detailed inner workings or interpretations of the model.  However, what I will say is that I have kept this cycle model with me for many years from some free reports that he published and I can tell you that it has the most precise cycle turning points I have ever seen.  They are not perfect but they can be.

But again this is more of a long term type reference tool.  It is by no means a day to day model or even week to week model.  We are talking years here.

But sometimes years can be very significant when you are trying to figure out what the correct trend direction is in the market.  Imagine if you were long the Japanese Nikkei Index in 1989 and margined up to the max and still bullish.  Well, the Nikkei peaked in 1989 and the peak was picked precisely by Marty’s turning point.  That is very useful information. If you did not have it then you might have stayed long on the Nikkei after that first correction, but it was a very fast and vicious correction.. I doubt that many were able to get out quick enough.

So that is my little preview.  More to come on this one.  It may be the most valuable post I do on this entire site because I will be giving you a cheat sheet with powerful turning points for 50 years into the future. 

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