Putting the Astro Hat on Again to see a Big Plunge Into 26 of August

The extremely negative astro aspects in the first part of August did not seem to work too well.  However according to Larry Pesavento there was a big one on August 11, 2010 which did show a big drop in the market and there is another one on August 26, 2010.

From my understanding the August 26, 2010 aspect is many orders of magnitude greater than all the previous ones.  Apparently it is also possible this date could coincide with some type of ‘event’. 

After reviewing all my charts and the bearish MACD and Histogram setup, the cross over the zero line down and the bearish McClellan summation index, the VIX and the Bonds, it looks like this market is going to make a major high volatility low right into August 26, 2010.  If short the market now (I am as of 8/19/2010), then it looks like August 26, 2010 is the ideal date to close out those shorts as a major possible spike low.

That is my game plan right now.  The setup is there, the charts are confirming the Astro timing into the 26th.  There are 5 trading days until the 26th (the 26th is the 5th one).  A lot can happen in the market during 5 trading days.  The price action before and during the May 6, 2010 flash crash was about a 3 day affair.  So it would seem 5 days is more than enough time to get this market prepped up for a big drop.

Complacency is everywhere.  There is no fear.  That is why this market can drop as much as 1000 Dow Points. . .

It is going to be very interesting to see how the price action unfolds next week.  I thought end of August was going to be a boring non event.  But now I think it could actually be the best market action we have seen in months . . .

Also of interest in case you missed it from the WSJ (abstract).

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6 comments on “Putting the Astro Hat on Again to see a Big Plunge Into 26 of August
  1. bull says:

    Hello, The Sp is bear on main swing. Now is suport in 1053-1068


  2. Geoff says:


    it is NOT a slam / dunk and at least in some quarters, you comment quote: Complacency is everywhere. There is no fear. That is why this market can drop as much as 1000 Dow Points. . .unquote is very flatly WRONG. for example see the reference cited below posted this morning at 0630am on yahoo


    if these astro aspects exist and have any influence, why on the US stock market? maybe the astro influence was related to the unprecedented floods in Pakistan, or the drought / fires in Russia.

    even IF Israel attacks Iran, it will happen when US markets closed and US Government will level all sorts of bombastic comments at Israel which will be a “show” to sooth the nerves of Middle East who hopes actually that Iran never gets the bomb. gold may spike exceptionally briefly and so too may the US market, but it may be so quick or not at all that you can not profit from it.

    you consistently fail to mention if or how you use your own investment advice. do you eat your own cooking?

    where on earth did this date of 26 August come from all of a sudden? you had never mentioned it before – – the Cardinal Climax was supposed to be anywhere from 1-August to 12-August and that was supposed to be a one in thousands of years event.

    in my humble opinion, I am an idiot for continuing to comment on your postings. I lack a sense of priority to spend the time thinking about your posting and responding to it! beats the heck out of me

    Your postings involve lots of research and analysis and write time (assuming you do this yourself) which is appreciated, but i am decidedly not making investment decisions on same. again, in my humble opinion, as enticing as astro aspects are (because they presumably foretell the future and allow the dumb investor to make automatic moneymaking decisions), YOU DO YOUR BLOG SITE A HUGE DISSERVICE BY CONTINUING TO COMMENT ON ASTRO ASPECTS.

    I think it is time for me to voluntarily stop commenting on your site. If I am tempted, perhaps you have the capability to auto-block my comments

  3. Geoff says:


    what gives – – two days ago you titled your posting “SPY ETF Knocking on Heavens Door” (17-August) with a bullish conclusion S & P blasting skyward?

    now, the exact opposite?!

  4. Sean says:

    Thanks, Tom. Tough market.

  5. Tom says:

    When I do a post about knocking on heavens door I was indicating that the market would be bullish if we had confirmed MACD histogram buy signals, but I also indicated that a drop down back to support would be very bearish.

    Just think of this site as a buffet. You don’t have to eat all the food here. Just pick and choose.

    I really don’t understand why you are so against astro as a once in a while tool to look at as possible guideposts for the market. I have seen them work first hand as identifying important lows or highs in the market. They make more sense if they are confirmed with tradition indicators which the August 26 one seems to be now.

    If there was any time worth mentioning astro dates with respect to the market it was this month.

    August 16, 2007 was a big one. March 6, 2009 was a big one. And August 26 is several orders of magnitude bigger than Aug. 16, 2007.

    I think we agree to disagree on this 🙂

  6. RiceToaster says:

    I’ve actually read about Astro dates on other sites as well so Tom is not alone in writing about this. But what i don’t really understand is how they derive this date and using what mathematical formula. In modern date trading where a lot of trading are done by computers where basically they can bring it up or down any day they want.

    I’ve been a bear the past two months and I’m losing my pants. Sometimes losing $$$ is good because I’ve really learned a lot from it. What I’ve been learning the past months is try not to be bearish or bullish but instead just trade the range.

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