Signal Whipsaw

Ok well only an hour later I am seeing quite a different picture in the after hours session and after AAPL and IBM earnings are out.  It looks like this is all come down to a few hours of market action and a few earnings numbers.  Just a few hours in the afterhours session is changing the chart structure completely.

I am switching back to a BOT short signal tomorrow morning right at the open assuming it is a very negative market open.  This is just the way the chart is set up right now.  It is unfortunate to get all these whipsaws.  But flexibility is key.

I would rather switch around a lot near an important potential turning point than be sluggish and slow to change tack…

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2 comments on “Signal Whipsaw
  1. Austin says:

    Looks like resistance is at 1185.50. I went short at 1182. SPXU

  2. jen says:

    this market is the scam of the century

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