Switching to BOT Neutral Signal

I have to switch to a BOT Neutral Signal now at 1184 on the sp500.  We are closing above recent 3 day highs although it is still not end of day yet.  The market appears to be too strong.  It does not want to deliver a sign of weakness to kick off any potential bear trend.

Perhaps by some miracle apple earnings will be sold off and we will see a sign of weakness tomorrow and I would be able to change my stance.  But the market is not willing to show any sign of weakness.

I think it better to switch to BOT Neutral Signal now and then just see how the sp500 behaves near the April 2010 highs assuming it wants to push up there during the next two weeks.

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One comment on “Switching to BOT Neutral Signal
  1. Austin says:

    I havnt had this much fun since flipin houses…. I know sour joke. But seriously 🙂

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