The Best WordPress Themes

Mhthemes has an outstanding group of WordPress themes that not only look great but are highly functional and configurable as well.  I have looked at hundreds of WordPress themes over the years and the MH themes collection in my opinion are the best responsive wordpress themes available.

Currently  the following themes are available:

  • Cicero
  • MH magazine
  • MH corporate
  • MH newsdesk
  • MH purity
  • MH elegance
  • MH impact

Cicero is a responsive blog with a clear cut layout and nice flat design.  The design has a way of focusing the viewers attention on the blog posts/articles instead of anything in the periphery. This makes for a great blog reading experience.

MH magazine is ideal for breaking news and newspaper style blog sites.  It is highly configurable and allows you to add different types of content sections very easily in the customization panel within WordPress.

Visit the MHthemes WordPress theme website for a detailed description of each of their WordPress themes.

If you are a beginning WordPress user or a seasoned veteran the MHthemes suite of themes is outstanding.

The themes also offer excellent timely support which eliminates the 'fear factor' of being stuck with a non working theme.  Plus it helps get you up to speed quickly with the initial theme configuration.






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