The BestOnlineTrades Cheetah Trading System

I decided to change the name of this ‘project’ I am working from BestOnlineTrades Mastermind Project, to the ‘Cheetah Trading System’.  I think the later is a more appropriate title.  A mastermind project implies a coordinated effort of the mastermind, in this case a group either small or large of many traders.

I suppose such a thing is possible on the internet, but this site is not structured in a way to make it fully workable yet in that context.

Instead I am going with the name ‘Cheetah Trading System’ because to a large degree I find that patience is maybe the single most important attribute of anyone looking to place a trade.  And for some reason when I think of patience, I think of a Cheetah sitting in the tall grasses WAITING for a good setup to occur, or a good animal to hunt for food.

Another way to rephrase the term ‘patience’ is ‘letting the market come to you’ instead of ‘chasing after a market in desperation’.  Think about it.  Only if you let the market come to you will you be more in control of the situation.

I don’t claim to be an expert on Cheetahs, but I would think they do not just casually decide they want to get any old animal that strolls by.  First they sit and WAIT, patiently to scope out the scene and see if they can identify a weak animal or one which would give them the highest chances of success for a given amount of effort.

It is only at that magical moment when all the elements line up correctly that they start the hunt and then go for the kill.


The intelligence of the cheetah is quite amazing if you stop to think about it.  The ultimate hunter.

Trading is not hunting, but it is similar in some ways and the patience factor can play a big part. 

And so it shall be.. the BestOnlineTrades Cheetah Trading System.

I happened to stumble upon an interesting poem about the cheetah which I thought quite fitting…


From a distance there is a tear,
Receiving one, but stalking all.
The dark eye watches you from
Within the tall grasses.
Comes closer.
The muscles become tense,
Suddenly there is a dust of speed.
A strong body curved with strength
Gets his one
As he lies with pride,
You will notice
The tear is a cry
For Survival.

Cindy du Toit, Grade 9 (1994)


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