The dog is not Barking

I still get this sense that many traders are waiting for the ‘dog to bark’ in regards to the stock market but time and time again it is just not happening.  Despite all the potential bearish events we could have seen transpire over the last few months, they are not really happening.  This is a very important clue in my opinion.  The dog is not barking and therefore we must assume the opposite will happen.  That opposite is likely to be a huge upwards surge in the USA stock markets.

I still think this market (sp500) has a shot at 1600 in the next 6 to 12 months.

I still think my Euro bottom call is correct.  Admittedly it has taken a good amount of time, but this should be a given since the size of the pattern was so large. Whether that translates to a major bottom in Gold and Silver and some other commodities remains to be seen.

Tomorrow is the last day of month and quarter!  If we finish strong tomorrow it could set up a bullish stance going into next quarterly candlestick !

I will have a review of the quarterly charts this weekend.

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