This is one sick market!


This is one sick market!  As I was talking about before we were supposed to be entering a window right now of a potential major low because of some strong positive astro aspects according to Larry Pesavento.

The positive astro aspects are supposed to kick in between March 4th and March 8th.  So it is possible that they could kick in any day now although it seems it would be very unusual for the low to be this Friday going into the weekend.

Larry P indicated that if Monday is a down day then the positive astro aspect did not work.  Right now it does not look too promising but I am still open to the possibility.

Look at the sector summary to the left.  Almost everything is red today. It almost boggles the mind how persistent this bearish decline is in the market.  The only positive sectors right now are Gold and Silver and tobacco!

I really do like how the gold mining stocks  are behaving relative to the rest of the market.  Most of the rest of the market looks really really sick.  There is just no nicer way of putting it.  Now maybe this weekend we will see some newsweek or business week covers that say something similar to ‘The Death of Equities’ and that will be the final low???

We shall see but for now it is pretty clear this market has not found bottom yet for a sustainable multi month short covering rally.

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