US Dollar Leopard versus The Wildebeest Herd Complacency Trade

Did you ever use to watch those nature shows on PBS where they showed massive herds of animals in Africa?  I used to watch those shows as a kid and it was always somewhat fascinating to see those large herds of animals feeding there but then suddenly get spooked and almost ALL at ONCE start moving like a wave in all different directions at once in fear.

Check it out:

Well the Leapard in this video in my opinion is the US Dollar Index and it is ready to hunt.  The Wildebeest in the video represent complacent traders and the unaware public.  So note in the video the Leopard decides to start his hunt and the SECOND the herd is tipped off to its presence they start moving big time in all different directions.  What a superb example of herd mentality.

It would seem we are at that point now in the market or very close to it.  The tape action so far this Friday is HORRIBLE.  I went short again about 10:30 am today and expect NEXT WEEK to be extremely volatile with strong bias to downside price action.

So far mid day the volume on the SPY ETF is coming in very heavy and it is telling me we could maybe get close to 270 million shares today? If we do, it is going to be a big big problem going in to next week in my opinion.

We are set up extremely bearish going into next week!

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