Radar SYNC Synacor Inc potential strong momentum stock second half 2012

I am recommending that SYNC be put on the top of trader’s watch lists as a focus stock that could benefit from strong earnings momentum and rapid growth the second half of 2012.

SYNC is not my idea but I know of it from another newsletter writer who happens to be very enthusiastic about its prospects, so I wanted to give a heads up in case you were not aware.

If you read my posts here at Best Online Trades then you know that I focus mostly on technical analysis.  Sometimes it is worth it to just step back from the narrow mindedness of technicals and just look at what kind of business is developing or if a new hyper growth trend is about to start in an emerging industry.

I have still more research to do on the business background of SYNC, but a huge part of SYNC’s success looks like it will come from this ‘TV everywhere’ concept and interactive television.

The VP and General Manager of TV Everywhere at SYNC will be doing a presentation this week at the ‘ TV of Tomorrow conference ’…

Here is a bit more on that:

    • An understanding of how the interactive multiplatform television industry is structured, how it works, what the key technologies are, and who the key players and industry leaders are.
    • An understanding of the pressing technological and marketing challenges that need to be overcome as television becomes interactive, social and multiplatform.
    • An understanding of the emerging business models that are made possible by interactive multiplatform television, and an understanding of where the real business opportunities are in this space.
    • An understanding of how social networking, connected-TV devices, tablets, smartphones, cloud-based computing, gestural control technologies, augmented reality, clickable broadband video, transmedia narratives, authentication and other emerging phenomena are impacting the television space.
    • An insider's view of some cutting-edge interactive/multiplatform TV technologies that are currently in stealth mode.
    • An opportunity to meet in person, engage in dialog with, and even influence some of the most important people shaping the interactive multiplatform TV universe today.

INTERACTIVE MULTIPLATFORM TELEVISION is the buzzword and SYNC seems to be on top of this emerging trend as the infrastructure play.

Synacor inc

I have yet to learn more about this supposed TV revolution coming, but it does appear that SYNC is a solid player in this space and from the looks of the chart there is really nothing bad to say about it at all.  It is currently channeling in a NICE wide swing trading range.  I will also say that SYNC has done outstanding relatively to the bearish move in equity indices for May.

SYNC has a perfect AB = CD shorter term target of 17.71, but I think it could eventually go much higher especially if it is able to break up through the top of the channel.

This stock is moving on earnings and revenue momentum.  They are making money.

Definitely one to radar and do some more due diligence on this possible huge new emerging growth trend.

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