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I just thought I would let everyone know that any thoughts I have about the gold market (gold price, gold mining stocks, or gold mining indices) will be done over at LetsGold.  I just felt that gold is an important enough topic that it deserves it’s own forum.  So again go over there to hear my latest thoughts on Gold.

The gold market is a peculiar type of market since I have been watching it from 2003 onward.  It tends to have big spike up rallies but then big retracements only to be followed by another big spike up rally.  It is also a small market compared to most others and at least so far I have noticed that the mainstream public does not appear to be fully participating in this market in any meaningful way yet.

So there should be lots of interesting things to come in that sector going forward from a technical perspective as well as from a grand public perception perspective and investor psychology as well.

Perhaps you have heard the term ‘gold bug’… those devoted followers of gold who have a real passion for the sector and to a certain degree turn it into a religion.. I do not fall in that camp, at least not yet.  Any time one mixes fervent passion for a market it just seems like it is an accident waiting to happen.  Better just to jump along for a ride in anything, whether it be real estate, tech stocks or gold and then jump ship before everyone else does.

We are here to make money, take money and then go home. That’s it end of story.

So again all gold discussion from now on will occur over at letsgold dot com, not here at bestonlinetrades!

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