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If you are interesting in the economy and fundamental side of the markets then you may want to check out the writings of Martin Armstrong.  He is probably one of the most brilliant economists ever in no small part due to the fact that he came up with a precise cycle model that has pinpointed often to the exact day, certain major turning points in the market. 

His cycle model nailed the exact top in the sp500 decades ahead of time, picked the top in the Nikkei in 1989 to the exact day, and also nailed the top in 1998 to name a few.  The next major major 8.6 year cycle point according to his model is 2011.45, and that date could very well turn out to be a very major low (or high) for the market).  2011.45 comes out to 6/14/2011.  If we break below 1040 on the sp500 this August then it would seem to suggest we will travel down into this 6/14/2011 8.6 year cycle date.  Previous 8.6 year cycle dates were 2002.85, then 1994.25 and 1985.65.

In his most recent report he has said that August will be a big turning point for the markets.  This makes sense from what the astro folks have been talking about, but Marty is no Astro nut.  He is about cycle models and world wide capital flows and their complex interrelationships.

His latest PDF report is here and he also has one coming out concerning the Mayan 2012 almost 26,000 year cycle date in the future.

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I am not kidding you when I tell you that his research material previously used to cost well into the thousands of dollars for his monthly reports.  Sometimes it is heavy reading and goes into politics and other confusing matters but often there is enough good meat in his reports to make for very informative insights.

The reason his reports are free right now is because I believe he is still writing them from jail. Yes jail.  His previous firm Princeton Economics International was busted by the US government accusing him of operating it as a pyramid scheme.  For many years now they have held him in jail for contempt of court and as far as I know he has not had any fair trial.

I don’t know if he is guilty or innocent but I do know that the government shut down his website and eliminated public access to a huge storage of valuable historic market information going back thousands of years.  He had it all available at his site for free.

Marty has historical knowledge of markets and economics going back thousands of years and he puts that perspective into his current take on the markets and economy.  Definitely worth checking out.

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