Out of DBLE at 8.30 Cheetah Trading System

I just exited DBLE at 8.30 for quite a significant loss.  If the market is indeed making an important top here, I would rather not be chasing or holding this dead dog any longer..  This was only the second trade of the Cheetah Trading System and is the second loss in a row.  This is not good.

I think it best I put the Cheetah Trading System on hold for now.  The first two trades of the system have been really quite bad and I was already in the second trade when I realized that the approach needs to be a ‘big pattern strategy’.  The first two trades were not trades out of big patterns.  So in a sense I was putting the cart before the horse.  I was already in two trades before I even realized what approach I wanted to take.  Then I also held the second trade much longer than I would ever normally have done.

So I will put the Cheetah Trading System on pause for now and think it through for a while.  Perhaps I am just not well suited towards longer term holding periods.  I have to say that most of the time I leave a trade within 5 days or less.  It is hard to shake that mentality off so quickly.

Anyway, flexibility is key.  I am open minded.  It could be that I just prefer to do any type of normal trade that I see as the highest probability trade at any one time.  Perhaps I will continue on with the system that way.  I just do not know at this time if I have the patience and the stomach to try to find big pattern trades and sit around forever waiting for them to play out.  Perhaps I will just do a combination of the various methods.

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  1. Ricetoaster says:

    Failure is the mother of success. Keep on trying and good luck 🙂

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